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James Sparks

Shanklin Town Brass Band regret to announce the sad death of

James Christopher Sparks

on 28th June 2009

James Sparks James Sparks James Sparks

James, aged 17, unfortunately has lost his battle against Cystic Fibrosis and other illnesses.  He played in both the Senior and Youth Sections of Shanklin Town Brass Band, playing Repiano Cornet with the Youth Band and Second Cornet with the Senior Band.

He joined the Band six years ago when his family relocated to the Island, and learnt his musical craft with the Band and the Brass Academy.  He took his Associated Board Grade III on cornet, Grade V theory, which he passed with distinction, and was working towards his Grade V practical exam.  At the SCABA Spring Contest in Hove in 2008, James won the Best Youth Instrumentalist prize.

James is sadly missed and Shanklin Town Brass Band would like to offer their condolences to Yvonne and Christopher, James' parents, and to his family and friends.

James Sparks

Youth Band Pays Tribute to James

Members of the Youth Band gave a concert in Rylstone Gardens on Sunday 5th July 2009 in memory of Repiano Cornet player James Sparks who died the previous Sunday aged 17.

Three numbers in the programme were dedicated to James. Ticket to Ride, the arrangement of which reflected James' interest in steam trains, the Great Escape, a tune which James would whistle whenever he got out of hospital and James' favourite, The Lord Of the Dance.

MD Malcolm Lewis, paying an emotional tribute to James said, "He really was a great guy and we will all miss him terribly. We will also never forget him."

A collection taken during the concert raised 300.94, which was sent to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust in James' memory.

Members of the Youth Band perform the Great Escape in memory of their friend

Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the UK's most common, life-threatening, inherited diseases.

Cystic fibrosis (also known as CF or mucoviscidosis) is a common disease which affects the entire body, causing progressive disability and often early death. The name cystic fibrosis refers to the characteristic scarring (fibrosis) and cyst formation within the pancreas, first recognized in the 1930s. Difficulty with breathing is the most serious symptom and results from frequent lung infections that are treated, though not cured, by antibiotics and other medications. A multitude of other symptoms, including sinus infections, poor growth, diarrhea, and infertility result from the effects of CF on other parts of the body.

CF is caused by a mutation in the gene for the protein cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR). This gene is required to regulate the components of sweat, digestive juices, and mucus. Although most people without CF have two working copies of the CFTR gene, only one is needed to prevent cystic fibrosis. CF develops when neither gene works normally

A selection of photos from James' life can be seen at his father's Flickr page

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